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  • Aqua Zumba

    Known as the Zumba ‘pool party'! Fast and slow rhythms combine with resistance training to make you sweat.Expect to do exaggerated dance moves. The tempo is slower than normal Zumba because of the resistance of the water. You’ll do large muscle movements such as: Reaching up with your arms and lifting your legs in the water. Slow exaggerated circling of your hips and shoulders. Aqua Zumba is different to aqua aerobics. Aerobics goes from one point to another. Zumba has you doing something different for the verse, chorus and even bridge of a song. If you want to get a little fitter and are the sort of person who has to swing their hips to the right song, then Aqua Zumba is for you. You’ll also burn around 350 calories a class.