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  • Brick Engineering Zone

    Adventure Academy offers classes after school at Meadow Lake Elementary School, designed to enhance reading and/or math skills for elementary age students in a fun, recreation setting.Program Details: Adventure Academy is open to all Meadow Lake students. Students referred to Targeted Services by their teacher can register for Adventure Academy classes at no charge. Students not in Adventure Club or Targeted Services can also register, at the indicated fee. Students will meet after school in the Meadow Lake cafeteria. Snack will be provided. Bus transportation home is provided at an additional cost. When: Program Dates:  Session I: March 5th - 21st  Reader's Theater  (Grades 3-5)Session II: April 2nd - 18th  Brick Engineering  (Grades K-2)Session III: April 29th - May 16th  Community Helpers  (Grades K-5) Register by Feb. 27, 2019 Class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:40-5 pm when school is in session. Questions: Contact Pat Frigerio at patrick_frigerio@rdale.org or 763-504-7715 Brick Engineering Zone (Skills: STEM/Reading)Be a developer, architect, and builder! Explore how your Lego® brick projects work; look for ways to make them perform even better. Count the studs, explore the dimensions, build some towers. Both math and engineering concepts will be emphasized in this class each week. 
  • Community Helpers

    Does giving back matter? Work together to improve your community and affect the lives of others. What do you want to do to make a difference at Meadow Lake Elementary and your own neighborhood? Learn about difference makers, get involved in a variety of service projects, and bring your own ideas as to how you can improve the world.