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  • Donut Make You Wonder - Looney Tunes

    Meet one of Minnesota's best ambassadors, the Common Loon, in an uncommon presentation. Translate their beautiful calls and learn about their equally beautiful and unique relations: the Pacific, yellow-billed, red-throated, and Arctic loons. Revered by Native cultures and now a symbol of vanishing wilderness, the loons have much to teach us still. Register by May 11.
  • Donut Make You Wonder? - Feet First - The Only Way I'm Leaving My House

    Donut Make you Wonder? Wednesdays, 10-11:30 amJoin us at Crystal Community Center, 4800 Douglas Drive N, Crystal, for coffee, discussion and, you guessed it, donuts. The $2 fee is paid at the door, but you must sign up in advance by calling 763-504-6980. New this year - you can also sign up online at rdale.eleyo.com. This series is a cooperative effort of the cities of Brooklyn Center, Crystal, New Hope and Robbinsdale, and Robbinsdale Community Education.This class takes a look at tips and techniques to help you stay in your home as you age. It covers the common causes of having to leave your home and provides common sense hints, best practices, and resources to avoid pitfalls. Register by April 13.The course is taught by Stephen Laliberte. Steve is a recognized speaker in the Twin Cities senior community. He has taught hundreds of classes on valuing your possessions and downsizing. Stephen is owner of Liberty Holdings a group of companies that provides senior services that include Odds & Ends Again consignment store, Sort Toss Pack senior moving services, and Odds & Ends Again Realty. 
  • Historic Cemeteries of the Twin Cities NEW!

    ON THE ROAD WITH DOUG OHMAN Doug will tell you he has the best job in the world, and he would probably be right. Doug is a professional photographer who has been commissioned by the Minnesota Historical Society to capture our great state in pictures. He is also a great storyteller, author and tour guide. Historic Cemeteries of the Twin Cities Spend a fun and most interesting day with photographer and storyteller Doug Ohman as he takes us around the Twin Cities to experience historic cemeteries. We will catch a glimpse of frontier Minnesota as we visit the graves of the state’s early pioneers. The tour will include unique stops that shed new light on Minnesota history, including the oldest cemetery in Minneapolis. If you have been on Doug’s tours in the past you know he will entertain with stories and information that will make the day most memorable. The day begins at Pilgrim Lane with an overview of historic cemeteries and what to look for.
  • The Constitution and its Modern Day Effects

    What are the origins of, and the amendments to, the constitution? How do they apply to, and influence, current issues? Some of the principles of how the courts decide cases will be presented, and we will also discuss some current cases, and current issues such as the nomination of the next Supreme Court Justice.