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  • Dining Room Chairs Make-Over

    Transform drab dining room chairs to a fresh, elegant conversation piece in a private studio setting. You will learn upholstery basics, get assistance removing old fabric and create chairs with the new look. In addition, there will be ideas on how to play up your dining room, big or small, on a thrift store budget. Students are responsible for necessary items needed to redo their chairs. Basic supplies needed may include, new fabric, good scissors, staple or nail removers. Every chair has its own personality. Please email Instructor prior to class for a specific list of supplies needed for the project. valeriemichelle12@gmail.com     subject line: Dining Room Chairs Make-Over
  • Fall Fixes to Common Yard and Garden Problems NEW!

    Fall is great time to pinpoint yard and garden areas that need tweaking -- without hiring a professional! We will consider: what to move (or get rid of), improving soils, establishing new growing spaces, evaluating weed issues, reviewing pruning techniques, building a compost, and planting flowering bulbs for spring. Bring a drawing of your space and list of questions and leave with some "fix the problem" ideas. Let’s 'fix the problems, not maintain them'.
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  • Kitchen Knife Sharpening and Knife Skills

    Do you have dull and hard-to-use knives in your kitchen? Come to this class and learn what makes a knife dull, proper edge geometry, proper sharpening tools and cutting boards, knife selection and care, and how to sharpen and maintain the edges of your knives. The instructor will also teach good knife technique and cutting skills to make your food preparation quicker, safer and more fun. Bring your dull knives, a cutting board, your current sharpening tools and a few vegetables to practice on.
  • Laundry Camp with Patric Richardson NEW!

    Everyone is talking! Patric Richardson is being called Minnesota's 'Laundry Evangelist' and becoming a household name! Come relax, and have fun learning with Patric Richardson, laundry guru from Mona Williams. He has had national TV appearances with the Nightly News and "Inside Edition". There have been articles about him in the Wall Street Journal and Star Tribune plus a local spot on Kare 11. Enjoy his vivid storytelling and Southern drawl as you learn things you thought you always knew but really didn't. You'll be shocked at what you will learn about laundry in 90-minutes. Patric will reveal his secrets in stages and then give out tips of the trade. Sort, wash and care for your clothes with confidence. Wash the unwashable and care for textiles and clothes at home plus more and all the while having fun. Learn how to save money and toss those chemicals. You will never look at laundry the same way again!Wayzata Central Middle School is located at 305 Vicksburg Ln N, Plymouth MN 55447.
  • Power Tools for Women II

    You wanted to grow your skills - now we’ve got the class for you to do it! Continue the learning and woodworking fun in this sequel to Power Tools I. We will be making an end table with bookshelf underneath. Prerequisite: Power Tools I or permission of instructor. Students must transport project home the first night and back the second evening.  Note: Long hair must be tied back and no loose clothing for safety reasons. Bring safety goggles, a tape measure and pencil to class.