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  • Week 3: Summer Explorers - Non-Newtonian Substances(Gr K-5)

    July 11-14: Non-Newtonian Substances Have you ever heard of viscosity or solubility? How does viscosity affect the way your slime turns out? Learn the basics of non-Newtonian fluids with oobleck, slime, and making your own ketchup! Join us for a week of fun and scientific findings as we work through the rules of what it means for a substance to be non-Newtonian by engaging in thoughtful, hands on experiments making Slime and other non-Newtonian substances including homemade silly putty. Learn how to take exact measurements for slime that comes out perfectly each time, as well as tips and tricks for softer, stretchier, or more stiff slime. Day 1- Oobleck Day 2- Homemade Ketchup Day 3- Slime Day 4- Homemade Silly Putty
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    Week 4- Summer Explorers: Express Yourself (Gr K-5)

    July 18- June 21: Express yourself! We'll explore music, art, dance, drama, and top it off with a talent show at the end of the week! Join us as we celebrate music and all things performing arts as well as some crafts to fit the theme. Have you ever wanted to create your own tambourine or hand puppet? Do you have an awesome talent to show your friends? Join us for a week of fun, engaging activities aimed at self expression through creative play and activities. To end the week, please join us for a talent show showcasing all the hard work we've done practicing our talents! Day 1- Paper Tambourines Day 2- Paper Bag Puppets Day 3- Vendor dance or music lesson Day 4- Talent Show
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    Week 5: Summer Explorers - Science Explorers(Gr K-5)

    July 25-28: Science Explorers What makes a good science explorer? How do explorers incorporate the scientific process into their journeys? Join us for a week of scientific explorations as we learn what makes volcanoes erupt, identify microscopic textures invisible to our own eyes, and even design your very own invention! Join us to create your own adventure bag while we learn about observation, curiosity and creativity as we ask questions and make inventions this week. Day 1- Decorate Explorer Bags Day 2- Magnifying glass texture drawings Day 3- Inventors Workshop Crafts Day 4- Exploding Volcanoes
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    Week 6: Summer Explorers- Cooking Creations(Gr K-5)

    August 1-4: Cooking Creations Join us for a week of food-themed science experiments and edible fun! Learn what makes bread rise, how edible slime is made, and more! Why do you need salt to make ice cream? What is a leavening agent? What is a no-bake snack? Find out the answers to these questions and more during the course of Cooking Creations week. Youth will learn the basics of breadmaking and how to make homemade ice cream, as well as edible slime. Impress your friends and family with some fun, kid-friendly no bake snacks. Day 1- Sourdough Starters Day 2- Bread baking & Edible slime Day 3- No-bake snacks Day 4- Homemade ice cream
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    Week 7: Summer Explorers- Nature Explorers (Gr K-5)

    August 8-11: Nature Explorers Nature is all around us! This week is about connecting with the wildlife in our community. Spend some time outside getting to know which critters can be found here. Can you identify the animal tracks we find? Can you tell what tree a leaf came from just by looking at it? How do bird nests stay together? If you've ever wondered the answers to these questions, join us for a week of nature exploration & activities. The week will begin with a geology themed rock hunting and polishing. Next we will learn how birds make their homes, and even spend time gathering materials to hand-craft our own nests. The following day will be focused on capturing nature through the lens of a camera, with the end of the week culminating in a Creepy & Crawly creature hunt. Register now to participate in a week crawling with nature and outdoor fun! Day 1- Geology & Rock Polishing Day 2- Build your own bird nest Day 3- Photography walk Day 4- Creepy & Crawly Creature Hunt
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    Week 8: Summer Explorers- Sports Extravaganza(Gr K-5)

    Aug 15-18: Sports Extravaganza This week is all about competition, sportsmanship and fun. Join us as we celebrate all things sports, starting with pom pom & megaphones to cheer on our friends. Test your skills in a group game of kickball, plus many more sports. Learn what makes great teamwork, how we can work together better, and the importance of good sportsmanship. We will also cover basic rules and styles of play throughout the course of Sports Extravaganza. The week will conclude with a culmination of everybody's hard work in a sports competition day, followed by a metal awards ceremony. Day 1- Pom Poms & Megaphone crafts Day 2: Kickball Day 3: Archery Paint/Waterballoon Paint Day 4- Medals Ceremony