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  • Basic Home Electrical Repair NEW!

    Attend this "hands-on" class for the electrical beginner. Learn how to wire single pole, 3-way switches, outlets, and a light fixture, then test the circuit. We will discuss the home electrical system and review procedures to rewire a lamp. Please bring a wire stripper, long-nose pliers, and screwdrivers to class if you have them. $5 fee for the "Step-By-Step Guidebook to Home Wiring" will be collected at class.
  • Basic Home Plumbing Repair NEW!

    Learn to repair minor plumbing problems or replace fixtures yourself. You will take apart different types of faucets, replace a pop-up drain assembly, and discuss the internal working parts of a toilet. You will be able to cut and glue plastic pipe and solder copper pipe and fittings. $5 fee for the "Step-By-Step Guidebook to Home Plumbing" will be collected in class.
  • Growing, Harvesting and Cooking with Herbs

    The use of herbs in cooking dates back thousands of years. With an understanding of the benefits of using culinary herbs, the home gardener can create a convenient kitchen garden to have a ready supply of fresh herbs. We will look at growing herbs both outside and inside, then discuss the best times to harvest and easy methods to store and preserve herbs. And, of course, we will discuss quick and effective ways to use herbs in favorite, as well as, new foods.
  • Planting Now for Spring Bulbs and Flowers

    Meet Mary Tessman Mary is a Hennepin County Master Gardener with a love of growing and promoting a healthy environment. Planting Now for Spring Bulbs and Flowers What can you do now, to make a more beautiful garden in the spring? Planting spring blooms (blooming bulbs and spring ephemerals) can take us from the dreary and drab to a splash of color that awakens spring in each of us. Explore the colors, heights, textures and drama of spring blooming bulbs. Add spring ephemerals (spring plants lasting a very short time) that produce beautiful foliage and bloom, and provide nectar for early pollinators, while the garden waits for the summer perennials to come. Learn how to choose, plant, and care for the plants of the spring garden.