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  • Chinese Steam Buns (Bao-Zi) NEW!

    Chinese Steam Buns are on the rise and have entered into the mainstream quick dish market. You can now find them at Costco and Trader Joe’s. Andrew Zimmern has even made them on TV. Join us and learn how to make authentic fresh Chinese Steam Buns that are filled with juicy ground pork and encased by spongy, slightly chewy dough – a fun and remarkable cooking experience.
  • Curry and Noodles NEW!

    Curry and noodles form an integral part of the South Asian cuisine! The spices are handpicked from the colors of the rainbow....the lush gold from the turmeric, the green hues of emerald in the green curry, burnt auburn from the smoky spice powders, they all make the cuisine stand out! Learn to cook a variety of curries in this delicious class.
  • Festive Spring Salads

    Celebrate spring with a bouquet of salads! We’ll start with a Wild Rice and Breast of Chicken Salad or Wild Rice with Fresh Mushrooms and Cashews. We will also feature a vegetarian main dish salad using multi-colored peppers and the unique grain, quinoa. What could be more refreshing than fruit - a salad combination of cantaloupe and strawberries with an orange sauce. Equally as pretty is Raspberry-Spinach Salad with Glazed Pecans. Then round out the evening with 3 easy dressings for your favorite combination of assorted garden greens - Feta Cheese, Creamy Blue Cheese and Orange Dressing. You will be ready for family and friends and spring!
  • Herbs Demystified NEW!

    Herbs, the culinary ones -- basil, chives, dill, oregano, thyme, cilantro, parsley to name a few -- belong in any kitchen and recipe collection. These can be easily purchased as both fresh or dried. Learn the basics of selecting herbs, cleaning, and keeping them fresh. Learn various techniques for drying or freezing extras as well as tips and techniques for using herbs in everyday cooking. Course will include a tasting session and some cooking ideas and recipes to get you started.
  • Tantalizing Thai Cuisine NEW!

    You'll begin by preparing Vietnamese summer rolls served with both hoisin and peanut sauce for dipping. Vietnamese spring rolls follow with pork, shrimp, and glass noodles stuffed in rice paper and fried to a golden brown, served with the classic nuoc cham dipping sauce.You'll then prepare Pad Thai, blending the vibrant flavors of Thailand with rice noodles using shrimp, eggs, chilies, garlic, basil, scallions, bean sprouts, sesame oil, lemon and crushed red pepper flakes. We'll finish with Crème Brûlee, rich, creamy custard with a crusty caramel glaze.
  • The Art of Sushi NEW!

    Come explore the world of sushi as you create this Japanese delicacy yourself. We'll begin by preparing the coveted sushi rice, then you'll learn the art of "nigiri-sushi"(hand molded rice) topped with shrimp, unagi, and ahi tuna. You'll then learn how to prepare "maki-sushi" using a bamboo mat to roll rice, with various fillings, in and around Nori (seaweed sheets). Options and accompaniments will include surimi, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, teriyaki chicken, tempura onions, spicy mayo, eel sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce.