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  • Asian Vegetarian NEW!

    Vegetarianism is the current trend and more and more people are opting for it or a healthy way of life. Under Chef Anu’s training, with these unique recipes from Asia, you won’t even miss meat. Recipes include: tofu lettuce wraps from China, Mee Goreng from Indonesia, Punjabi Choley, and Thai iced tea. We can tell you that this will be one of a kind experience as you immerse yourselves in the vegetarian flavors of Asia!
  • Cookie Art with Royal Icing

    Would you like to learn how to make beautiful designs on cookies, like the professionals? Then this course is for you! Royal icing is a smooth flowing icing that hardens when dry and is used to make colorful patterns on cookie cut-outs. You will enjoy using a variety of supplies and learning fun techniques to create festive-looking cookies
  • Czech Kolaches

    Kolaches are one of the Czech Republic's national pastries. Immigrants brought their passion (and recipes) for Kolaches to the Midwest as early as the 1860's. Kolaches are marvelous egg-rich, slightly sweet yeast dough. Traditionally filled with fruit mixtures such as apricot, cottage-cheese, poppy seed or prune, they can be shaped into small rounds, square "tied packages," or filled turnovers. We will make variations in class and taste samples. Plan to take home an assortment to share with family, friends or to freeze. You will also leave with many recipes, tips and techniques to master these Old World delicacies. Better than a bakery!
  • French Gourmet Dinner NEW!

    Send your taste buds on a trip to romantic France. Provence, the regional home to Marseille, Nice and the Riviera, often bases its cuisine on garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, saffron and herbs. You’ll experience Vichyssoise, Potato Galettes, Saffron Rice, Coquille St. Jacques a la Provencale, and Creme Caramel. You’ll also learn something of the history and culture of the French Provence region.
  • Healthy Breads You will Love NEW!

    Make high-fiber, whole grain, healthy breads that store in refrigerator two weeks. Simple ingredients, no-knead dough, about 40 cents a loaf – what’s not to love? Work with the dough, take home dough and recipes (including one for gluten-free bread) for several other types of bread. Bring 2 quart mixing bowl with cover, measuring cups/spoons and mixing spoon. 
  • Mama Donato's Old World Recipes NEW!

    What does it take to make the old world Italian recipes that taste so good? Anna Donato shares some of her secrets for these traditional recipes that date back years to Calabria, Italy. Make your own marinara and ricotta using the best ingredients. Use simple recipes that can be used over and over again, and learn where to purchase the basics, how to turn around and make quick meals with these time saving techniques.
  • Murder Mystery Dinner at Nonna Rosa's NEW!

    1989 Reunion Prom Billie Jean was never his girl, but she is the one he always cherished. Still single, Bobby can’t fight this feeling anymore and knows tonight may be his final chance with this romance. Toss on your 80s dance attire, bust out your aquanet, and consider a bullet proof vest...just in case a night that should be filled with dancin’ in the dark becomes a sad and sorry case of another one bites the dust!Join us at Nonna Rosa’s Ristorante Italiano for a Sunday afternoon brunch to die for. The murder mystery performance by Top-Hat Theater accompanies a four-course dinner provided by the restaurant staff. The cost includes the meal, a nonalcoholic beverage and a seat at the show.We apologize for the inaccurate price in the catalog.