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  • Chicken, Chicken, and More Chicken NEW!

    Some classic, some quick, some spectacular for company, and all healthy and delicious! Whole chicken, chicken parts, and skinless-boneless chicken breasts. Stove-top and oven. We’ll prepare Chicken: Cordon Blue, Marsala with Sage, Philippine style Adobo, Strips with Spicy Honey Dipping Sauce, With White Wine and Mushroom Sauce, Crab-Stuffed Breasts, Parmesan Strips, Italian Lemon, Lemon Kebabs, Pineapple-Raspberry Nibbles, Raspberry Lime and, lastly, Roasted with Mushrooms and Apples. Get ready for great chicken!
  • Tandoori Nights NEW!

    Meet Anu Seshadri Anu Seshadri, founder and CEO of Exotic Palates, is a renowned caterer and a culinary instructor based in the Twin Cities. A native of India and a food scientist by profession, Anu uses cooking classes to help her clients demystify the world of spices and help them understand, appreciate and nourish their love for Indian cuisine.Tandoori NightsTandoori Recipes are so called as they are cooked in a special clay pot over a fire pit. Chef Anu will teach you mouthwatering Tandoori recipes from Northern India with authentic, easily available ingredients and no special equipment!! Learn to make: Tandoori Chicken – The much loved Indian Appetizer!  Tandoori Gobi/Cauliflower – healthy and nutritious and oh! So yummy for the vegetarians!!  Tandoori Naan – The leavened bread that’s pillowy soft and a perfect foil to the spicy …  Choley – the quintessential chick pea masala curry from the golden land of Punjab!  Indian Salad – select Indian salad vegetables dressed in a cumin vinaigrette   Ghee Rice -- fluffy buttered basmati rice, made with desi ghee (Indian Clarified butter)!!